Design for All


Communication Design for All: What is it?

“The natural evolution of design”

Over the course of our lives we may experience situations that make our access to information more difficult for various reasons which can temporarily or permanently incapacitate us. Communication access disability emerges as a consequence of the interaction between our specific capabilities and the barriers present in the context that surrounds us.
In the sphere of communication, Design for All (or universal design), inclusive design and user-centred design are branches of design that encompass actions that intervene around communication environments, products and services where the aim is that all people, independently of their age, gender, capabilities, origin or cultural baggage, can overcome disability barriers and enjoy participating in the construction of our society under conditions of equality.

Design for All. Why?

Connect with 40% of your potential market
Global mobility, the active ageing boom and changes in the consumer habits of elderly or disabled people and their family members represent, in Europe, a potential market of 120 million people. Design for All and accessible communication are determining strategic factors for developing these new audiences and for the competitiveness of our organisations and businesses.

It drives innovation, creativity and competitiveness
Integrating Design for All into the DNA of our organisations provides our communication with an impetus for innovation and creativity, helping to give us close-up knowledge of the needs and preferences of these new audiences, and contributing towards adjusting our offer to the reality of a fast-emerging market.

It complies with laws and regulations
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the founding Treaty on European Union (among others) all contemplate the non-discrimination of people with some type of disability in relation to goods, services and information, and each includes specific regulations on communication design accessibility.


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