Website accessibility refers to the set of techniques that allow all people to use a website independently of their capabilities, whether physical, mental or environmental. To a certain extent, accessible design can be considered as a subgroup of Design for All. Accessibility favours equal opportunities among all people, facilitating their access to culture and, in short, to information.

At Hola, Design for All, we believe that websites must be able to be used by everyone, and it is for this reason that this website has been developed, upholding wherever possible the precepts of accessible design. Despite being based on a standard contents management template, adaptations have been made to guarantee minimum levels that include, among others: allowing correct resizing of the text, including alternative texts where technically possible, ensuring good colour contrast, correctly labelling forms, allowing elements in motion to be stopped and permitting the entire website to be browsed using only the keyboard. If you detect any barrier that prevents you from making normal use of the website, please inform us at